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Osteological Archive

Skeleton Drawings

This AutoCAD (2000) drawing contains all the burials from the Fishergate House excavations. Each burial is allocated its own layer, named according to inhumation number, feature number and context number, e.g. a burial on layer I108 F121F C1230F would be Inhumation 108, Feature 121F and Context 1230F.

yfh_skeleton.dwg (4.81 MB)


The following appendices are available as Microsoft Excel files

Osteo App 1 - Osteological and Palaeopathological catalogue.xls (110 KB - 5 tables)

Osteo App 2 - Summary of dental pathology.xls (36 KB - 4 tables)

Osteo App 3 - Summary of skeletons.xls (292 KB - 2 tables, includes links to inhumation photographs)

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