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Field Report
Detailed report on the investigations.

Scientific Analysis
Archaeomagnetic Analysis details and list of radiocarbon dates.

Site Matrix
Link to the Site Matrix in AutoCAD format.

Specialist Reports & Catalogues
Each of the individual specialist reports which have contributed to the understanding of the sites are included, listed by category. These are available as web pages or can be downloaded as pdf files.

Research Design
This document outlines the aims and objects for the research and publication of results at Fishergate House and Blue Bridge Lane. The research design is structured by period, and outlines the key areas for attention, and task lists for each.

Photographic Album
A selection of photographs taken during the excavations are presented as a gallery of thumbnails, each linked to a larger image. Please note that this page contains over 700 thumbnails and is consequently quite large.

Contexts & Features
Basic Context & Feature data presented as a number of Excel files for importing into a database. Plans of the contexts are available via 'phases', below.

Links to AutoCAD (2000) drawings of the site phase plans.

Links to AutoCAD (2000) drawing of the skeletons from Fishergate House and Osteological Appendices in Microsoft Excel format (Osteological and Palaeopathological catalogue, Summary of dental pathology & Summary of skeletons).

CBM (ceramic building material)
Links to two spreadsheets detailing the CBM recovered from Blue Bridge Lane & Fishergate House

Link to a summary of sherds from Blue Bridge Lane organised in feature and context order.

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